Summer Meltdown Festival 2022 Logo
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See you in 2024!

Teach Stuff, do Art, and Volunteer with your Melty Fam!

The first wave of ways to participate at Meltdown is here. Read on for how to bring your creativity or your knowledge to fellow Melters.

Teach a Workshop!

We’ve had workshops range from hula hooping to consent to sustainability and more. If you want to teach it and think Melty folks would like it, apply!

Hey, I make art!

Come bring your cool art to Meltdown. As you consider this idea, think about whether it can make it through a festival at least as intact as you do, and know that any big, structural ideas are going to need experienced minds to support them.

I would like to Volunteer!

Volunteering is a great way to attend Meltdown on a budget, and learn more about how the festival works.