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See you in 2024!

An update from Summer Meltdown

Hello Melters!

We hope everyone’s 2023 is off to a fantastic start. Since wrapping up Meltdown ‘22, we took some much-needed time off to bond with our sweet baby, Luca James, and to recover from the intense workout of moving to a new venue after 14 years in Darrington. This was a monumental task for us and our team, and we learned so much during the process.

To be clear, moving to a new location was the only way for us to reopen after the shutdown, as the venue owners in Darrington declined to rent their grounds to us.

We understand that this venue change was challenging, and we appreciate all of the support you gave us during Meltdown’s first year back. We also recognize that while the new venue in Monroe is gorgeous and has a ton of potential, it needs to be developed further before we can host the fest there again. Returning to Darrington is also not an option for 2023 (we asked).

So, after much careful consideration, we have decided to take the year off in order to figure out the best path forward for Summer Meltdown in 2024. We will let you know as soon as we have more info to share about this evolution. We love and appreciate you all so much, and want to thank you for being such a beautiful festival community for so many years. Take care and we will be in touch.

Josh & Genevieve