Olivia de la Cruz

Olivia de la Cruz

Singer/songwriter Olivia de la Cruz was born in her home in the valley of Lake Chelan, where she was also raised. Since the young age of 5, Olivia has been sharing her love and talent through the form of song. As a result of her mom, Ishi, taking her to work and having her sing to clients, Olivia received her first guitar at 12 years old. Soon after learning several chords, Olivia wrote her first official song appropriately named “Learning Curve”. Along with the birth of this song came the realization that writing and performing music was her calling. Motivated by her passion and talent of creating music, Olivia decided to move to Seattle, WA to take her dream to the next level. As Olivia broke into the Seattle music scene she met, learned from, collaborated with, and inspired many fellow musicians; which now has become the foundation of her strong musical network.


Since moving to Seattle in 2008, Olivia has traveled to places such as Sayulita, Mexico, Bali, and Thailand only to gain more insight, creativity, love and passion for what she does. Wherever Olivia travels, whether it’s to a new place or to revisit her home town, she spreads a love and joy for music and life alike that becomes both contagious and admirable. She describes her love of music by saying, “Growing up, I felt I didn’t always have a way of expressing myself. Being heard and sharing your thoughts and feelings are hard as a young adult. Music changed everything for me. Like the weight of the world had been lifted. That is why I write music. Instead of bottling pain or love up inside, I vent it out exactly how I feel it and experience it.”
Olivia’s music has been characterized as a mixture of Lyrical, Soul, Americana, and Rock. Her songs are inspired by her life experiences, capturing moments of the travel, friendship, love and heartbreak that have molded the woman she is today. Throughout the journey of proving her talent to the public Olivia has performed with musicians such as Vicci Martinez, Andrew Bell, Andrew Vait, Luc and the Lovingtons, Everyone Orchestra along with many others. You can find Olivia’s first new full length album, titled Olivia de la Cruz, on cdbaby.com and iTunes.


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