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Goatgirl is the 21st century story-ballads of performance artist/comedian, vocalist, musician and songwriter Jeppa K Hall. As Goatgirl, her skillful storytelling and unique melodic sensibilities merge with her oddly angelic voice, parlor guitar and the accordion accompaniment of Eli Kaufman. Her other projects include the acoustic doom metal duo FINGER and the modern day oracle known as QUEEN SHMOOQUAN. Jeppa’s work is a hybridization of an unknown number of genres. Subsequently, her performances have lent themselves to be featured in just about every performance venue imaginable, developing an underground cult following in her wake. Through her multiple alter egos, Jeppa generates psychedelic theater and music that merge pop-art clowning with multi-media performance art and non-linear storytelling to create thought provoking, hilarious performances that push the boundaries of contemporary and traditional performance mediums.



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