Summer Meltdown FestivalNewsPartial Band Line Up Announce

Partial Band Line Up Announce

Summer Meltdown Festival is proud to present our partial line up announce for the 2013 season. We’ll be announcing the final line up on May 17th!



  1. Jann Strasbaugh

    Sure hope you are going to book C-Leb & the Kettle Black again this year. We were unable to make it last year and are looking forward to it this year. Our son plays the guitar in the band and we try to make as many shows as possible. Saw pictures and heard some stories from last year so we don’t want to miss out again.

  2. Shelbi Cassel

    I am so happy to see Xavier Rudd on here!!! What an amazing artist! Plus, March Fourth Marching Band AND Lotus!!!! I can’t wait!!!! The lineup looks amazing already and hoping that we see Staxx Brothers come up on that list at some point along with that one guy, beats antique, and eoto. So far, it is looking like an epic lineup already.

  3. Andrea Rogers

    THAT 1 GUY. THAT 1 GUY>and dont forget… THAT 1 GUY!! PUHLEESE!!! :)

  4. Lizzie Bridges

    I would be so thrilled in Lake Street Dive was part of the second half of the lineup!!

  5. John Molloy

    Beats Antique was so incredible last year. Please make them a regular!!!

  6. stuart hickman

    see some great bands already lined up. Cant wait to see March fourth Marching band. fingers crossed for Five Alarm Funk, The Mutaytor, That 1 Guy and(i doubt but can hope) The Dirty Heads.

  7. i

    Why do so many people hope for the same bands year after year? EOTO has played (twice?) That One Guy has played 3 times (just last year), Five Alarm Funk has played 2 or 3 times, Mutaytor has played, Staxx has played 3 times, Beats played just last year…. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought Meltdown prides itself on not repeating bands (yes, I know, Acorn plays every year. But there is a reason for that, I believe) There is a lot.of great music out there. Why would you want the lineup to look the same every year?


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