Summer Meltdown FestivalSimple Weekend Guidelines

Simple Weekend Guidelines

You know what to do. We’re all here to have a good time, to relax, and to enjoy the company of old friends, new friends, and the occasional random strangers wandering by. Smile, laugh, sing, and dance . . . and please keep in mind the following basic “rules.”

Absolutely NO FIRES, candles, flame lanterns, or charcoal grills. Campfires are not allowed in any part of the festival grounds, or in the river area. Fire- spinning/Play/Art will be allowed ONLY in designated areas and only with support of safety staff. If you are using a camp stove make sure you bring along a fire extinguisher and have it properly placed where everyone can access it. Always make sure your stove is in an area clear of dry grass and brush, and never leave a stove unattended while it is burning.

Note on fires – If your camp has a campfire going, you WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. Please respect this very important rule and don’t put us at risk of losing this beautiful venue. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you see a campfire anywhere in the venue, please report it to security immediately.

FIREWORKS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Don’t be the Jackass that ruined Meltdown. Fireworks pose a real threat to the forest, to others, and to our future at the venue.

Alcohol Policy – State liquor laws require that consumption of alcoholic beverages only be allowed in the beer garden and in your personal campground space. No open containers in the general public areas (Music Meadow, Vending, etc). Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages must be 21+. ID’s are required at check-in and must be available upon security request.

Excessive amounts of alcohol will not be allowed into the venue, such as Kegs or large quantities of liquor. Summer Meltdown reserves the right to determine what is “excessive” upon entry into the festival. Please be responsible, we don’t want to take your stuff. Underage drinking and illegal drug use are NOT permitted! Non-compliance with this could jeopardize the future of Summer Meltdown. Anyone caught using drugs or participating in underage drinking will be ejected from the venue with no refund. Anyone caught selling drugs will be turned in to county law enforcement.

Drinking is restricted to the Beer Garden and to your individual campgrounds. Open containers of alcohol are not allowed in the general public festival areas (music meadow, vendor village, late night tent, etc). Due to several bottle related incidents, and large amounts of broken glass, glass bottles are not allowed in the venue anywhere. If we see glass bottles anywhere in the venue, we will take them, regardless of how full they are or how thirsty you look.

Amplified sound
Amplified sound is not permitted in camping areas! Please leave your sound systems at home. Be considerate to those around you and remember, everyone needs to sleep at some point! Generators are not permitted in camping areas.

Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed at Meltdown.
If you show up with a dog, you will not be admitted into the event. No, that does not mean you can leave him in the car in the parking lot. Registered service animals are welcome. Please identify them as such so that we don’t have to hassle you.

Vehicles In the Venue
All vehicles inside the venue must display a vehicle pass. Purchasing a vehicle camping pass entitles you to a ONE WAY trip inside the venue to park and camp. You will not be allowed to come and go with this permit. If you do decide to leave, you will not be permitted to bring your vehicle back inside the venue. Motor homes, trailers, campers, and school buses require an oversize vehicle camping pass

Cigarettes & Smoking
Cigarette smoking is not allowed in the main music meadow, beer garden or within 50 yards of any music or public performance. Always put your cigarette butts out in a receptacle and NEVER throw them on the ground. One small cigarette cherry that was not properly extinguished can start a ground fire that could take out half the forest. Throughout the grounds you will find butt cans to place your cigarette litter into. Meltdown has earned a great reputation for not leaving any cigarette butt litter on the grounds at the end of the weekend. Let’s keep it this way!

River Access
The river is not on festival grounds. Enter this area at your own risk. Kids should be accompanied by an adult when at the river area. Do not use soaps and shampoos in the river. If you are bathing, please use the bucket system and rinse off soaps at least 20 feet from the water. Please be respectful and keep your impact low.

Garbage & Recycling
Summer Meltdown is committed to reducing our footprint in the local community. Almost all of the food and garbage that is created at the event is recycled and composted. But this takes help from all of us. Please take the extra effort to sort your “garbage” in our labeled bins and in your camp. Food scraps should be kept separate and added to the compost totes located at the recycling stations. Read more about our fantastic recycling efforts throughout the program. Help us show what a difference we can make just by setting our minds to it.


Please be respectful of the land and community around you. We feel extremely fortunate and grateful to be spending our seventh year at this beautiful location. Your attitude and conduct is critical to the future of Summer Meltdown.
Thank you,
Summer Meltdown Festival


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